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Pet memorial page

pet loss keepsakes

Welcome to this sentimental keepsake pet memorial page, a new chapter filled with cherished memories. It is no secret that my beloved companions, Hugo, Max and Arnie, were not just pets, but integral members of my family. Throughout the ups and downs, they offered unwavering support and unconditional love, deserving of utmost honor.

In celebration of our beloved furry friends, I would be deeply honored to feature a small photograph of your own precious companion alongside a heartfelt script, capturing their essence in your own words. This offer extends to all, regardless of whether you have purchased our exquisite jewellery.

Please be aware that many of our jewellery pieces can also incorporate a special touch of your pet's fur. Feel free to inquire about this unique option.

To include your cherished pet's photo and a personalized message, kindly send me the details and photo via a message to Debbie at 07718596113.

Thank you for entrusting me with this meaningful endeavor.


met memorial jewellery

Hugo the little chorkie passed over the RAINBOW BRIDGE at almost 16. My furever friend, baby, son I miss you every day but know you are checking in on me and waiting for me at the Rainbow bridge. I love you and you are still by my side. See you later little man xxx 




Arnie the staffie who was a rescue and passed over the rainbow bridge at age 13. A gentle soul and my rock for so many years through a lot of emotional sad times. I think of you always and someday we will be reunited. Miss you and love you my big boy xxx
Jennifer  The little chihuahua 
I miss you every day, have fun at the rainbow bridge until we meet again. 
Nancy  The little yorkie a sweet little Daddies girl, forever missed and loved. 
Boom  The little ratty An amazing little friend you are so missed, you brought so much fun and made me smile every day, see you at the rainbow bridge little one. 
Frank the Pug
rescued by the Edward Foundation after spending 7 years in a horrible puppy farm, Frank enjoyed 3 years being utterly spoilt and the apple of my eye. All who met him adored him, never forgotten, loved and missed always