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Crystal encrusted sparkly ashes heart bracelet - adjustable

Crystal encrusted sparkly ashes heart bracelet - adjustable

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At times, we delight in expanding our collections by providing our customers with extraordinary opportunities. In return for utilizing the piece for a captivating photograph on our website, we are pleased to extend a significant discount on a magnificent keepsake that will bring you comfort at a huge discount. 

While these pieces currently are empty, I urge you to use your imagination with the jewellery filled with your loved one's ashes and your colour choice to help you visualise please see our full-price items on the memorial jewellery page. 

It's important to note that each piece is limited to just one, so swift action is advised. In the event that you miss this exclusive offer, rest assured that the product will be available for purchase at its RRP price in a few weeks.

Please note you will receive an order form when you order and you can choose your colour option from our colour chart page and pop it on the form. 

You can also have 3 different loved ones ashes if you wish

we also have a necklace that matches on another listing which I can honestly say is absolutely stunning and sparkly