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breastmilk charm bead
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SALE - SK - Blue crystal heart breastmilk charm bead 2 weeks

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Breastmilk charm beads 

Hi Mama, I’m Deb’s your Breastmilk artist (The Breastmilkartist) Ready and waiting to magically turn your breastmilk into this beautiful keepsake. Nice to virtually meet you my darling. 

Step into a whimsical world of enchantment with this adorable "Crystal heart" Sterling Silver Breast Milk Charm Bead – a radiant creation that sparkles with the magic of motherhood! Crafted with tender care and overflowing with love, this cute bead is a jubilant ode to the infinite affection that defines the maternal spirit.

These petite sterling silver charms are just the perfect size to add a dash of charm to your beloved Pandora bracelet, sprinkling your wrist with a touch of fairy-tale allure. And guess what? They're coated with a magical anti-tarnish finish, ensuring they shimmer and shine like a constellation of stars!

On one side, nestles your precious breast milk, while on the other, a beautiful blue crystal. It's like a tiny celebration of your journey into motherhood captured in a single bead!

To conjure up this precious treasure, I simply need 10ml of your cherished breast milk. But fret not, lovely! The process is as easy as waving a wand – once you place your order, i'll whisk a tube your way to safely collect and return your milk to me. Then, I will work my magic, preserving and transforming your milk into a twinkling little charm bead that preserves your most precious memories.

At the core of my mission lies the belief that keepsakes are portal to your emotions and memories. My commitment to my keepsakes has even garnered the attention of  publications like the SUN newspaper, a testament to my dedication to spreading joy my lovely Mama's through the art of preserving their breast milk and crafting keepsakes.

So why delay the magic? Choose "Crystal heart" today and embark on a journey filled with giggles and affection, honoring the extraordinary bond between a mother and her child with unparalleled grace. Let your memories twinkle and gleam with our "Crystal Heart" charm bead, a cherished memento that will warm your heart for generations to come. Don't miss out – let the magic begin now!