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SK - Butterfly Breastmilk Necklace
SK - Butterfly Breastmilk Necklace

SK - Butterfly Breastmilk Necklace

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Breastmilk Jewellery

Introducing our enchanting Sparkling Butterfly Breastmilk Pendant – a breathtakingly beautiful and sentimental keepsake designed exclusively for you. Crafted from your very own precious breastmilk, expertly preserved, dried, and delicately crushed, this elegant butterfly pendant captures the essence of your motherhood journey in a way that is truly unique.

Radiating with charm, this delightful pendant features a dazzling array of high-quality resins, ensuring its lasting beauty and durability. You have the option to personalize your keepsake even further by choosing a different colour for the bottom wings, making it a true reflection of your style and taste.

Adding to its allure, the butterfly's body is adorned with a mesmerizing array of sparkling diamantes, adding a touch of timeless elegance to this already captivating piece.

Cherish the moments and memories of motherhood with a touch of grace and brilliance. The Sparkling Butterfly Breastmilk Pendant is more than just jewelry; it's an emblem of love, strength, and the cherished bond between you and your little one. Embrace the magic and beauty of this exquisite keepsake, and let it remind you of the precious journey you've shared together.

When you order we will send out a collection kit for you to return 5-10ml of your precious breastmilk 

We also offer courses in jewellery making and take immense pride in our Breastmilk in offering aspiring artisans the chance to discover their creativity and passion for crafting. Our online courses have already paved the way for numerous successful branded businesses, and we are thrilled to guide you on your own journey. Please enquire.