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breastmilk jewellery charm beads
breastmilk charm beads

SK - Green tree of life Round breastmilk charm bead - 5 weeks

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Breastmilk charm beads 

Introducing our unique "Radiant Essence" Sterling Silver Green Tree of life Breast Milk Charm Bead, adorned with glistening emerald diamantes for unmatched brilliance. Capturing the essence of motherhood in a timeless piece of jewellery, this charm bead is a true symbol of love and devotion.

These will fit nicely on your standard Pandora bracelet without being too chunky 

To create this precious keepsake, we require 10ml of your cherished breast milk. Don't worry, the process is simple and seamless – upon placing your order, we will promptly send you a tube to safely collect and return the milk to us. From there, our skilled artisans will work their magic, transforming your milk into a stunning charm bead that will hold your most treasured memories forever close to your heart.

Beyond crafting beautiful breast milk charms, we are proud to offer online breast milk jewellery-making courses. Join our community of creative souls and learn the art of crafting unique jewelry pieces that hold deep sentimental value. Many of our course members have embarked on successful jewelry businesses please enquire. 

At our core, we believe that art is a powerful way to connect with emotions and memories. Our work has even been featured in publications like the SUN newspaper, reaffirming our commitment to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and spreading the joy of our art breastmilk with the world.

Choose "Radiant Essence" and embark on a journey of profound meaning, celebrating the bond between a mother and her child in a remarkable and elegant way.