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Circle of love - stunning fine silver ashes pendant - Approx 15mm - SEE VIDEO - sale. 2 weeks

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Cremation jewellery

Introducing our exquisite Fine Silver Disk Tag, a true masterpiece crafted from 99.9% pure silver. This pendant surpasses ordinary jewellery, offering a remarkable blend of elegance and durability for everyday wear, even in water and hot sun. 

Not only does this pendant captivate with its stunning beauty, but it also boasts eco-friendliness, as it is meticulously crafted from fine silver. The pendant bears a distinctive imprint, reminiscent of a fingerprint, achieved through an ingenious process involving the delicate infusion of ashes. Each particle is delicately sprinkled throughout the pendant, then carefully indented to create a contemporary hammered effect.

Unlike resin or glass keepsakes, this extraordinary piece of jewellery possesses a comforting and tactile quality. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pendant will retain its radiant shine even with constant wear. To maintain its brilliance, a simple polish with a silver cloth is all it takes, should you choose to remove it.

To ensure its long-lasting allure, we provide an airtight bag for safe keeping when the pendant is not in use or if you prefer not to wear it continuously. This thoughtful measure prevents tarnish and keeps your treasured piece in pristine condition.

Included with the pendant is an elegant 18" silver chain, but if you desire a Thomas Sabo-style bracelet attachment, simply let us know via text or include a note when sending precious ashes. We will gladly accommodate your request, further enhancing the versatility of this remarkable keepsake.

Experience the epitome of fine craftsmanship and timeless beauty with our Fine Silver Disk Tag. Indulge in a jewellery piece that not only captures hearts but also cherishes memories for a lifetime.

With each wear, we hope this pendant instills in you a sense of strength, courage, love, and cherished memories. Our aim is to remind you that your loved ones desire your happiness and prosperity, even in their absence. It is our privilege to create this precious keepsake for you, and we genuinely hope it brings you solace and tranquility.