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breastmilk charm bead
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breastmilk charm bead
breastmilk charm beads
SK - California - Breastmilk heart charm bead 2-4 weeks

SK - California - Breastmilk heart charm bead 2-4 weeks

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Breastmilk jewellery 

Introducing our exquisite and heartwarming charm bead, crafted to be the perfect sentimental addition to your cherished Pandora-style bracelet. Each bead is adorned with a captivating halo of sparkles, exuding an aura of timeless elegance. Designed to perfectly complement your bracelet without overwhelming its delicate beauty, these charm beads strike the perfect balance between sophistication and sentiment.

But there's more to these captivating charm beads than meets the eye. We understand the significance of your unique journey as a mother, which is why we offer you a truly exceptional way to preserve those cherished memories forever. Your breastmilk, a precious symbol of your special bond with your baby, your breastmilk will be meticulously preserved, dried, and finely crushed. Our skilled artisans will then blend this with high-quality resin and pigment, creating a mesmerizing charm that encapsulates the essence of your unforgettable experience with your little one.

Please note that this particular listing features our enchanting charm beads. For those interested in matching pendants or rings in the same exquisite style, we have another listing specially curated for you to explore.

With our charming keepsakes, you can carry the joy and love of your motherhood journey wherever you go. Embrace the beauty of your story with these lovingly crafted charm beads that are sure to become a cherished symbol of your everlasting bond.

We also offer courses in jewellery making and take immense pride in our Breastmilk in offering aspiring artisans the chance to discover their creativity and passion for crafting. Our online courses have already paved the way for numerous successful branded businesses, and we are thrilled to guide you on your own journey. Please enquire.