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breastmilk jewellery made in the UK
SK - Halo round breastmilk pendant and ring set 2-4 weeks

SK - Halo round breastmilk pendant and ring set 2-4 weeks

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                                 Breast milk Jewellery

Hi Mama, I’m Deb’s your Breastmilk artist (The Breastmilkartist) Ready and waiting to magically turn your breastmilk into this beautiful keepsake. Nice to virtually meet you my darling. 

Step into a world of precious keepsakes with this stunning "Halo round ring and pendant set" Sterling Silver – a dazzling creation that dances with the joy of your breastmilk journey. Crafted with care and overflowing with love, this beautiful set is a celebration of the boundless affection that defines the maternal spirit.

This Stunning ring is sterling silver with a solid band that won't bend, it has a precious well for your preserved breast milk which is surrounded in a halo of sparkling stones just as the pendant will be, it also comes with an 18" chain for you. 

To whip up this precious set I simply ask for 10ml of your treasured breast milk. But don't worry, darling! The process is as easy as pie – once you place your order, i'll send a tube your way to safely collect and return your milk to me. Then, I will work my magic, turning your milk into a sparkling ring set that preserves your most precious memories for eternity.

At the heart of our mission is the belief that creating is a gateway to our deepest emotions and memories. Our dedication to keepsake making has even caught the eye of publications like the SUN newspaper, proving our commitment to spreading joy through my art of preserving breast milk and creating keepsakes. 

So why wait? Choose "The halo round set" and embark on a journey filled with laughter and love, celebrating the extraordinary bond between you and your child with unmatched elegance. Let your memories twinkle and shine with our beautiful  set a cherished keepsake that will fill your heart with joy for generations to come.


                I look forward to making you something special from one Mum to another