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SK - heart of me breastmilk dangle charm bead - 4 weeks

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Breastmilk charm beads

Hi Mama, I’m Deb’s your Breastmilk artist (The Breastmilkartist) Ready and waiting to magically turn your breastmilk into this beautiful keepsake. Nice to virtually meet you my darling. 

Choose "me" and embark on a journey of profound meaning, celebrating the bond between you and your child in a magical and elegant way.

This Sterling Silver Breast Milk Charm Bead, affectionately known as the "dangle heart"—a tiny treasure chest overflowing with love and magic.

A cute little dangle charm in sterling silver with a pink crystal center and small clear crystals surrounding the pink crystal heart. 

Picture this: your Pandora bracelet adorned with our whimsical charm, a dainty reminder of the love that flows between you and your little one. It's like wearing a piece of stardust, twinkling with unmatched brilliance and charm.

Sending me your precious breast milk is as easy as waving a wand. Once you've placed your order, I'll send you a special tube to collect and return your milk. Then, our I'll get to working the magic, preserving and transforming your milk into a captivating charm bead that holds your dearest memories close to your heart forever.

And guess what? the magic has caught the eye of national newspapers like the SUN, spreading joy and wonder far and wide. Because here at Sentimental Keepsake, I believe in the power of magic and keepsake making to connect us with the most precious moments of our lives.

So, why wait? Choose "The dangle charm" and embark on a magical journey where every piece celebrates the fairy tale bond between you and your child in the most charming and elegant way imaginable. After all, magic is in the air, and it's calling your name.